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UK Government

How to tackle the UK’s muddled and ineffective policy for growing the innovation economy

The UK needs an Independent Office for Innovation and Industrial Policy similar to the Office for Budget Responsibility, says submission by Cambridge Judge Business School expert at the request of the House of Commons Select Committee on Science and Technology.…

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Illustration of a messy ball of string being untangled into a neat spiral.

No ‘blank cheque’ for Energy Price Guarantee outlays, says Cambridge paper

British taxpayers ‘deserve an accounting’ of energy cap spending including whether it stimulates long-term UK energy investment, says new paper from Energy Policy Research Group at Cambridge Judge Business School. UK taxpayers deserve an accounting of who benefits from the…

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Transmission tower and raising sparkline chart representing electricity prices rise during global energy crisis.

Green economy?

It is 'wishful thinking' that the UK will benefit disproportionately from new environmentally oriented policies, most of which create few jobs, says Professor Michael Pollitt of Cambridge Judge Business School. Professor Michael Pollitt New environmental initiatives geared toward offshore wind,…

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