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The dual funding structure for research in the UK

The Centre for Business Research (CBR) and the UK Innovation Research Centre (UK~IRC) have released a new report, The Dual Funding Structure for Research in the UK: Research Council and Funding Council Allocation Methods and the Pathways to Impact of…

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2013 news cbrdualfundingstructure

UK~IRC Project Leader contributes to ESRC’s Re-igniting Growth report

Research findings on achieving long-term economic recovery The Re-igniting Growth report examines some of the challenges the UK faces after the economic downturn and explores a range of initiatives or challenges to policy that could help kickstart growth. The report…

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Growing value: business-university collaboration for the 21st century

In 2011 the Enhancing Value Taskforce was launched by the Council for Industry and Higher Education (CIHE) in conjunction with the UK~IRC to answer the question: "How do we make the most of the UK research base?" This new report,…

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2013 news cbrgrowingvalue

Enhancing impact: the value of public sector R&D

The Council for Industry and Higher Education (CIHE) and the UK Innovation Research Centre (UK~IRC) Enhancing Value Taskforce has published the second major report in the series arising from their research. The new report by Alan Hughes and Ben Martin,…

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2013 news cbrenhancingimpact

Open innovation conference: new insights and evidence

The UK~IRC hosted a two-day conference on Open Innovation on 25-26 June 2012 at Imperial College London to mark the 10th anniversary of the publication of Professor Henry Chesbrough's Open Innovation: The New Imperative for Creating and Profiting from Technology.…

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Bridging the “Valley of Death”: improving the commercialisation of research

The House of Commons Select Committee agreed on 14 December 2011 to launch a new inquiry: Bridging the "Valley of Death": Improving the Commercialisation of Research. Written evidence The Committee invited written submissions on the terms of reference by February…

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The British economy: where to now?

Is this British economy in danger of slipping into a permanent state of stagnation because of failing private sector confidence and weak demand, or is it, as many policy makers believe, constrained by deep-seated structural defects? Despite the weakness of…

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2013 news cbrbritisheconomyresponse

Special issue of the Cambridge Journal of Economics published following UK~IRC workshop

Following a workshop that was co-organised by the UK Innovation Research Centre (UK~IRC) and the Cambridge Journal of Economics (CJE) on 'Universities and the Knowledge Economy', a special issue of the journal has been published. The scholars' papers reflect on…

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The Conversation: Innovation or stagnation? Lessons Australia could learn from the UK

After decades in the wilderness, industry policy is back centrally on the economic agenda in the UK. What is striking is how the policy is being driven by strong evidence on what works from years of accumulated research by universities,…

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Centre for Business Research (CBR) news from 2011

UK~IRC Innovation Summit 2011 - Growing through Innovation 26 November 2011 The Innovation Summit, UK~IRC's annual one day conference for practitioners, policy-makers and academics, took place on 25 November 2011 at IBM Hursley in Winchester. It was a chance to…

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