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unconscious bias

How to overcome barriers to more successful EDI

A discussion panel at Cambridge Judge Business School explores how to overcome barriers to more successful EDI (equality, diversity, inclusion) strategies. Have we heard too many excuses for why EDI (equality, diversity, inclusion) strategies aren’t leading to the difference we…

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How to overcome barriers to more successful EDI.

Mirage News: ‘Threatening’ faces and beefy bodies do not bias criminal suspect identification, study finds

A detailed new study of identifying criminal suspects finds, to the authors’ surprise, no bias toward selecting people with threatening facial characteristics or muscular bodies. The study does find, however, that suspects with highly muscled, “threatening” bodies are most accurately…

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Steering clear

Artificial intelligence can transform the workplace but managers need to avoid four key "AI dysfunctions" including algorithmic bias, says article co-authored by Dr Stella Pachidi of Cambridge Judge. Dr Stella Pachidi Artificial intelligence holds great potential to transform the workplace,…

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Silhouettes of a man and a woman standing in front of a transparent computer chip.

Conflicts of interest

Financial incentives linked to unconscious bias may have driven leaders' pandemic decisions, says an article in Scientific American by Professor Sunita Sah of Cambridge Judge Business School. Politicians and other leaders face tense conflicts of interest in making decisions during…

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Scientific American: Conflicts of Interest and Covid-19

Sunita Sah, KPMG Professor of Management Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School, discusses conflict of interest and unconscious bias. “Financial incentives can be a factor in pandemic policy decisions - albeit frequently at a subconscious and unintentional level,” she writes.…

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Five ways of addressing unconscious bias

Picture the CEO of a fortune 500 company. Chances are, regardless of your background, you’re picturing a tall male. And that preconception isn't unfounded: less than 15 per cent of American men are over six foot tall, and yet 60…

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