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United States of America (USA)

US business exposed to Brexit doubt

Uncertainty 'exported' to America due to Brexit could spark rise in US unemployment, according to research co-authored by Pembroke Visiting Scholar at Cambridge Judge Business School. Uncertainty "exported" to the United States due to Britain's pending exit from the European…

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Gubernatorial spoils study: ‘All politics is local’

Companies whose directors are connected to winning US gubernatorial candidates increase in value and are more likely to receive state subsidies, loans and tax credits, says new study co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School. The late Speaker of the US…

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US shutdown: the fallout for UK and emerging economies

Cambridge Judge Business School's experts comment on shutdown A prolonged shutdown of the US government will spell interesting times for other economies as the ripples spread outwards to lap at other shores. This is the message from three commentators from…

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Your vote can help solve world hunger

A Cambridge Judge Business School team of students is competing in the Hult Global Case Challenge. Here they speak about their idea to solve hunger in slums. You can also vote for their idea, which gives the team an opportunity…

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China’s energy security

China's energy security rests on the functioning of global energy markets, whose security is predominantly carried out by America - what effect has this on the American-China relationship? Growth in energy consumption and imports of gas and oil are serving…

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Obama’s visit to India – a marriage or dating?

President Barack Obama's trip to India could be the start of a new level of relationship between the two nations, but some will remain suspicious until the courtship has fully matured, says Navi Radjou, Fellow in India & Global Business…

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The hidden secrets of US innovation

Professor Alan Hughes, Director of the Centre for Business Research at Cambridge Judge Business School, has studied the US innovation-led growth story. He explains that businesses can learn much from copying the US, but cautions that in order to create…

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