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Vaiva Kalnikaite

The Grocer: Waste not want not

The Nūfood 3D printing robot developed by venture Dovetailed is featured in this article about how 3D printing can help us produce more and waste less food. The venture was founded by Vaiva Kalnikaite, an alumna of Executive Education at…

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The Spoon: Dovetailed’s CEO imagines a 3D-printed food future

Vaiva Kalnikaite, CEO of Dovetailed and an alumna of several programmes at Cambridge Judge Business School, talks about the future of food technologies. “I’m really excited about the 3D printing of food in general and I think that it has…

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Cambridge Magazine: She’s all that

Five women with Cambridge Judge Business School connections are featured among 15 business, science and education women in Cambridgeshire. They are: Michaela Eschbach and Anna Bailey, co-founders of the Form the Future venture, and Kath Austin, founder of BeeBee Wraps…

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This woman is on a mission to disrupt

Think you know innovation? Meet Vaiva Kalnikaitė, the UX expert disrupting consumer experience. Raspberries made from orange juice. Olives that taste of Earl Grey tea. It sounds wrong, but food tech expert Vaiva Kalnikaitė says they are ideas that just…

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Financial Times: Executive Education: Is 3D printing the shape of food to come?

Jonathan Moules talks to Vaiva Kalnikaite, founder of Dovetailed and alumna of the General Management Certificate of Achievement (GMCA) at Cambridge Judge’s Executive Education. Vaiva shares her insights on 3D food printing, why did she start her own business and…

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Cambridge News: Fancy eating 3D-printed food? Cambridge company Dovetailed can print it

Vaiva Kalnikaite, founder of Dovetailed and an alumna of the Executive Education programme at Cambridge Judge, talks about 3D-printed food, “chatting” cups and other curious products that her company is working on. Vaiva said people are really excited about 3D-printed…

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