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venture capital

Global Banking and Finance Review: Venture capital firms see more investment opportunities

The new research shows that Venture Capital (VC) firms are seeing three times more investment opportunities than Private Equity (PE) firms, but despite this, PE firms are twice as likely to invest as VCs. The research was carried out by…

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Nature: Corporate venture capital and Cambridge

The challenge today is that traditional venture capital has largely moved away from early stage innovations, seeking the safety of more developed, de-risked technologies for their portfolio pipeline. By contrast, the pharmaceutical industry has demonstrated a growing interest in this…

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Jack Lang, Andy Richards and Laurence Garrett: Better, faster, cheaper – entrepreneurship and early stage investors

Cambridge Angels Jack Lang and Dr Andy Richards, along with venture capitalist Laurence Garrett, talk about why the current economic gloom is in fact a great opportunity for start-ups, especially for those whose products will immediately satisfy customer needs as…

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