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Cold and wet hits US states harder in some sectors

Climate change, not just hot and dry but also cold and wet weather, negatively impacts 10 economic sectors in 48 US states, finds a new 53-year study led at the University of Cambridge. Most climate-change studies have focused on the…

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Cold and wet hits US states harder in some sectors.

The climate emergency

"We are damaging our futures unless we step in with a comprehensive strategy to manage the climate change challenge," Professor Sir David King told an Enterprise Tuesday event at Cambridge Judge Business School. Sir David King The accelerating global impact…

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The Times: Solar blast could knock out the power grid – and your computer

A new risk analysis paper assessing the socioeconomic impacts of space weather to the UK co-authored by Dr Edward Oughton, Research Associate at Centre for Risk Studies, is featured in The Times. “We find that for a one-in-100-year event, with…

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The heat is on

Higher temperatures boost voter turnout and helps the incumbent party, finds study based on temperature, turnout and results in each US state for presidential elections between 1960 and 2016. Elections have long been studied by pollsters, pundits and others who…

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Severe space weather

The daily US economic cost from solar storm-induced electricity blackouts could total more than $40 billion, with more than half the loss occurring outside the blackout zone, says new study. The daily US economic cost from solar storm-induced electricity blackouts…

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Severe space weather.

Blown away: wind affects voting decisions

Higher wind speed makes voters seek safety and the status quo, while low winds glide voters toward change and greater risk, says new study that analysed 100 years of US elections and the Brexit and Scotland votes in Britain. Wind-tossed…

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Improving climate modelling

Cambridge Judge academic Chris Hope contributes to study for new Met Office supercomputer. Dr Chris Hope, Reader in Policy Modelling at Cambridge Judge Business School, contributed a study which was included in the business case for a new £97m supercomputer…

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