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MBE announced

Bina Mehta, Chair of KPMG in the UK and a Fellow in Entrepreneurship at Cambridge Judge, is named an MBE in the New Year's Honours. Bina Mehta, Chair of professional services firm KPMG in the UK and an Honorary Fellow…

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CJBS Entrepreneurship fellow Mehta Bina awarded MBA.

‘Hybrid’ honours

Awards for PhD student Laura Claus for studies on 'hybridity'. Laura Claus, a PhD candidate at Cambridge Judge Business School, recently was honoured with two awards relating to her research conducted along with her PhD advisor, Shaz Ansari, on the…

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Financial Times: Give the devil a voice in the boardroom

Public companies should appoint a “Contrarian Director” who systematically challenges management recommendations to the board and suggests a range of alternative outcomes, says the winning paper in the 2015 Cambridge-McKinsey Risk Prize at the Centre for Risk Studies, Cambridge Judge…

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Fair or care?

Research paper co-authored by Shaz Ansari of Cambridge Judge looks at feminist "ethics of care" issues in examining the standardisation of ethical practices. As part of a series of research papers on the pricing policies of Fairtrade International, Shaz Ansari,…

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