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Yasemin Kor

The Economic Times: How CEOs can seek advice: Avoid internal advisors, surround themselves with diverse ideas

CEOs of firms facing poor financial performance consult internal advisers who are less likely to offer fresh insight, says a comprehensive study co-authored by Professor Yasemin Kor of Cambridge Judge Business School. “When CEOs seek advice more from sources cognitively…

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Confirming behaviour

CEOs of firms facing poor financial performance consult internal advisers who are less likely to offer fresh insight, says comprehensive study co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School. Chief executive officers receive plenty of advice – from company boards, employees, financial…

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Food fight

Shopping trends mean blocking the big Sainsbury's-Asda merger may not protect customers, says Professor Yasemin Kor of Cambridge Judge Business School. Professor Yasemin Kor The proposed merger of supermarkets Sainsbury's and Asda is now off the table as the regulator has…

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The Conversation: Shopping trends mean blocking the big Sainsbury’s-Asda merger may not protect customers

Yasemin Kor, Beckwith Professor of Management Studies at Cambridge Judge, discusses the blocking of the Sainsbury’s and Asda merger, looking at the biggest challenges supermarkets have to face and the outlook for consumers. “Customers today enjoy having the luxury of…

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Top 10 reads of 2018

We have long known that the News & Insight section of the Cambridge Judge Business School website attracts an audience with eclectic interests and tastes, a reflection of the many different aspects of business explored at the Business School and…

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Puncturing the headquarters myth

Study by Cambridge Judge Business School's Yasemin Kor and Niklas Lindlbauer finds that on-the-ground actors at dispersed business units, rather than corporate headquarters, often drive critical resource-allocation decisions. One of the most critical tasks of any large company is the…

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IEDP Developing Leaders: Lessons in strategic change

Incremental change and renewal through innovation should be an ongoing imperative in all organizations. Then there are times when market disruption forces major strategic change. Understanding how organizations react when challenged to undergo big strategic change – what works and…

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Strategic renewal: what can we learn from the rail and food industry?

As business leaders, having a clear strategy and being aware of when crucial changes need to be made is imperative to success. As a leader, spotting the need for strategic renewal and executing your approach successfully is key to your…

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The Future Leadership Institute: Reducing food waste

Better collaboration with farmers, processors and consumers could help retailers reduce the huge amount of wasted food, says Harvard Business Review article by three Cambridge Judge academics. Retailers can both reduce waste and remain competitive if they strengthen retail partnerships…

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SmartBrief on Sustainability: Retailers can take strategic steps to reduce food waste

Supermarket chains and other major food retailers can help address the problem of food waste by adopting a strategy based on four key factors, professors Yasemin Kor, Jaideep Prabhu and Mark Esposito write. Recommendations include using updated inventory technology and…

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