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Yingyue (Luna) Luan

The Economist: The woolliest words in business

A study co-authored by Dr Yeun Joon Kim, Associate Professor in Organisational Behaviour at Cambridge Judge Business School, features in an Economist article about overused and anodyne business words such as “flexibility”, “purpose” and “collaboration”. (subs) Read the full article…

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Filmgoers only want a bit of ‘novelty’

As the Academy Awards approach, a new study from Cambridge Judge Business School, based on nearly 50,000 customer reviews, questions just how 'novel' moviegoers really want their films to be. The movie audience, said acclaimed director (The Dark Knight trilogy)…

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Filmgoers only want a bit of 'novelty.

Gender and diversity

Paper by Yeun Joon Kim and Yingyue Luan of Cambridge Judge wins Faculty Transnational Research Award of the Academy of Management. A paper authored at Cambridge Judge Business School on how leaders adapt their behaviour based on their perceptions of…

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