Ji (Joy) Yang

Ji Yang.

I hope to get the most out of the entrepreneurship and technology scene here in Cambridge. With the college system we can meet so many students from different backgrounds and departments which in turn will help me with my entrepreneurial and networking goals.

What led you to take the Cambridge MBA?

Throughout my film making experience as an artist, I learned that my passion is in fact to experiment and then create new worlds with new methods. While still creating art, with technology and investment knowledge, I also hope to amplify my passion in the entrepreneurship world that is definitely a very impactful area to break new grounds. Cambridge is a technology and entrepreneurship centre of Europe for me to explore, and its beautiful campus, historical accumulation and amazing traditions enable me to gain more artistic inspirations. After many years of my BFA and MFA in film schools in the USA, I would like to spend just one year in another continent at such a great academic institution for my passion to grow.

Describe the biggest accomplishment in your career so far?

Apart from the usual celebrity-involved projects in the film industry I worked on, I feel that intrinsically I am the proudest of the dozens of the short films that I hand wrote, directed and produced that promoted human equality and were screened at international film festivals. I found my own voice and quite a distinct style between surrealism and narrative stories as an artist in the process. This enabled me to create a feature experimental film with ultra-low cost to be sold profitably and write a feature screenplay that was considered in the final round of a prestigious writers’ lab. It also inspires me to become a pioneer as a surrealist filmmaker in Chinese cinema. 

How do you feel about being awarded your scholarship?

I feel very honored and fortunate to receive the scholarship. I am grateful that my journey till this stage has been recognised and it provides a new inspiring motivation for me to explore more worlds and passions.

What do you want to get out of the MBA most of all in the next year?

I hope to get the most out of the entrepreneurship and technology scene here at the entire University of Cambridge at large. With the college system, we can meet many other students from different backgrounds and departments, and I hope to get ideas and exchanges through the college experience, to help with my entrepreneurial and socialising goals.

Where do you see your MBA journey taking you in your future career?

I would also regard my MBA as a partial start-up boot camp where I can shape, develop and polish my idea and business plan through different activities happening here like pitch workshops, competitions, the Venture Weekends and networking with VCs, existing startups and potential partners and mentors, so I will be ready to run the company right after graduation. 

Something that not many people know about you

I did swim in the Arctic Ocean in my bikini in Alaska, and I would like to do it again across the Arctic Ocean from Iceland. 

Scholarship awarded

Culture Arts & Media Bursary




Bachelor of Fine Arts, Tisch School of Arts, New York University

Master of Fine Arts, University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts

Pre-MBA career

President, Producer, Director and Writer, Joy Young Studio