Bhumika Billa

Research Assistant

Centre for Business Research (CBR)

BA LLB (Vivekananda School of Law and Legal Studies, GGSIP University), LLM (University of Cambridge)

My research interests include AI and law; legal evolution; data governance and privacy; international trade law and policy; online dispute resolution; negotiation theory.

My details

Contact details

[email protected]

Professional experience

Bhumika is an India qualified lawyer and worked in trade policy for the Indian government for a year after law school. Having completed her Cambridge LLM (2019-2020) with a distinction-winning thesis on ontology of data supervised by Professor Simon Deakin, she is expanding her research at the Centre for Business Research.

Bhumika’s research mostly focuses on the broader questions of whether law is computable and how AI can help solve the foundational issues with the way law interacts with society.

Previous appointments

Outside of Cambridge, she was appointed as a research fellow with the Singapore Management University (2020-2021) to explore the practical implications of technology integration in mediation and other alternative dispute resolution processes.

Selected publications

Billa, B. (2020) “Top-down versus bottom-up convergence in harmonisation: the case of international intellectual property law.” Cambridge International Law Journal blog, 2 December 2020

Billa, B. (2019) Anti-dumping in the globalized world: law and practice of anti-dumping duty circumvention. Gurugram, India: Wolters Kluwer.

Billa, B. (2019) “Spotlight on WTO and it’s appellate body crises.” E-International Relations, 7 September 2019

Billa, B. (2018) “Strategising protectionism: analysis of India’s regulation of anti-dumping duty circumvention.” Trade Law and Development, 10(2): 417-447

Billa, B. (2017) “Ease of doing business in India through corporate insolvency reforms.” Journal of Exclusive Management Science, 6(6): 1-10