Chung-Ting (Francisco) Wang

PhD Candidate

BA (Rollins College), MPhil (University of Cambridge)

Year of entry: 2023

My research interests lie in judgment and decision-making, pricing, and prosocial behaviour. For instance, one of my ongoing projects explores the influence of individuals’ sense of self-identity on their responses to various pricing strategies employed by firms. In other work, I investigate choice architecture in charity fundraising contexts.

Chung-Ting (Francisco) Wang.

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[email protected]

Academic area


Research topic

Consumer Identity and Prosocial Behaviour

Research interests

Judgment and decision making; pricing; prosocial behaviour; consumer identity.




Professor Vincent Mak


Francisco is a PhD candidate in the Marketing subject group at Cambridge Judge Business School, generously supported by the El-Erian Institute of Behavioural Economics and Policy.

Before starting his PhD, Francisco earned an MPhil in Strategy, Marketing and Operations from Cambridge Judge Business School and a BA in International Business from Rollins College.