Houyuan Jiang

Professor of Management Science

BSc (Anhui Normal University), MSc (Chinese Academy of Science), PhD (University of New South Wales)

My research interests include healthcare operations management, supply chain management and revenue management, for which I build mathematical models, uncover managerial insights, and develop computational methods. I’m keen to design and analyse systems and processes that can utilise limited resources such as hospital beds and medical staff.

I’m a member of the Operations and Technology Management subject group at Cambridge Judge Business School, which focuses on practice-based research through partner organisations to address a wide spectrum of management challenges.

Professional experience

Professor Jiang carried out a number of consultancy projects for various industry sectors including services, manufacturing and health while he was at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organizations (CSIRO). He is a member of the Institute of Operations Research and Management Science (INFORMS) and the Mathematical Programming Society (MPS). He is an editorial board member of International Journal of Revenue Management, Numerical Algebra, Control and Optimization, and Operations Research Letters. He was an editorial board member of Computational Management Science and Production and Operations Management.

Previous appointments

Professor Jiang was a Senior Research Scientist at the Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organizations (CSIRO) in Australia, where he undertook research in combinatorial optimisation and consultancy in applied operations research and management science. Prior to that, he was a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Melbourne, and carried out research in continuous optimisation. He also taught mathematics at both undergraduate and graduate levels at the Guizhou University of Technology in China.


Selected publications

Journal articles


Special issues of journals

  • Jiang, H., Krishnamoorthy, M. and Sier, D. (eds.) (2004) “Special issue on staff scheduling and rostering: theory and applications.” Annals of Operations Research, 127-128(1-4)

Book chapters

  • Betcheva, L., Erhun, F. and Jiang, H. (2021) “Healthcare supply chains.” In: Choi, T.Y., Li, J.J., Rogers, D.S., Schoenherr, T. and Wagner, S.M. (eds.) The Oxford handbook of supply chain management. New York: Oxford University Press (DOI: 10.1093/oxfordhb/9780190066727.013.13)
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  • Jiang, H. and Ralph, D. (1998) “Global and local superlinear convergence analysis of Newton-type methods for semismooth equations with smooth least squares.” In Fukushima, M. and Qi, L. (eds.): Reformulation – nonsmooth, piecewise smooth, semismooth and smoothing methods. Boston MA: Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp.181-209
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Conference papers

  • Jiang, H., Lam, L., Owens, B., Sier, D. and Westcott, M. (2004) “Predicting emergency department status.” In: International Conference on Optimization: Techniques and Applications, 6th, 9-11 December 2004, Ballarat, Australia.
  • Jiang, H., Ralph, D. and Tin Loi, F. (1997) “Identification of yield limits as a mathematical program with equilibrium constraints.” In Grzebieta, R.H., Al-Mahaidi, R. and Wilson, J.L. (eds.): Australasian Conference on The Mechanics of Structures and Materials, 15th, Balkema, Rotterdam. Rotterdam: Balkema, pp.399-404

Awards and honours

  • CSIRO Chairman’s Medal, 2000
  • Equity and Merit Scholarship Scheme of Australia, 1994

News and insights

Major trauma patients have doubled in the past decade in the East of England.

Major trauma patients have doubled in the past decade in the East of England, the increase in demand is likely to continue, and reorganisation and development of the trauma network are imminently needed, says a new report from Cambridge Judge Business School and NHS England.

Nurses in discussion in patient waiting room.

Missed hospital appointments may be reduced if clinics encourage patients to rebook their own appointments when clinics need to reschedule, says new study co-authored by Professor Houyuan Jiang of Cambridge Judge.

FT Academic Research with Real-World Impact Award.

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