Louisa Fink

PhD Candidate

BSc (University of Exeter), MSc (London School of Economics and Political Science), MRes (University of Cambridge)

Year of entry: 2021

As a PhD Candidate in the Organisational Behaviour group at the University of Cambridge, I explore the process by which teams achieve innovative outcomes. I work on the development of a prototypic model of ambidextrous innovation that allows teams and organisations to predict the trajectory of team innovation at different milestones of their project cycle, placing a strong focus on producing actionable suggestions for companies on how these can excel in-house team innovation. I am fully supported in my research by the Cambridge Trust Scholarship and the Cambridge ESRC DTP stipend.

Louisa Fink.

My details

Contact details

[email protected]

Academic area

Organisational Behaviour

Research topic

Investigations into Team Ambidexterity: Mapping the Trajectory of Team Innovation over Time

Research interests

Innovative team processes; integration of team-level explorative and exploitative performance; new product development.


Organisational Behaviour


Professor Andreas Richter


Louisa Fink holds a Master of Research [Dist.] from the University of Cambridge and a Master of Science in Organisational and Social Psychology [Dist.] from the London School of Economics. Louisa completed her undergraduate at the University of Exeter with a BSc in Psychology and Leadership [Dist.].