Micha Kaiser

Senior Research Associate

El-Erian Institute of Behavioural Economics and Policy

PhD (University of Hohenheim)

My research addresses the theoretical and empirical analysis of consumer behaviour and (behavioural) public policy; health behaviour; health policy evaluation; and social data science, machine learning, and econometrics.

Micha Kaiser.

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Economics and Policy

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Micha Kaiser is an economist by training and a future-oriented professional with hands-on experience in managing in-depth research projects. A senior research associate at the El-Erian Institute of Behavioural Economics and Policy, he is well-versed in the application of statistical/quantitative methods to solve policy, consumer, and health economic problems based on primary and secondary data.

Previous appointments

From 2017 to 2019, Micha Kaiser was a post-doctoral researcher at the Center for Consumer, Markets, and Policy at Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Between 2020 and 2022, he held a (tenure track) assistant professorship in Consumer Research Methods at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.


Selected publications

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Awards and honours

  • Young Researcher Paper Award, Ideas & more, 2020