Shasha Lu

Associate Professor in Marketing

MPhil, PhD (School of Management, Fudan University)

My research interests include artificial empathy, digital marketing, visual content/product design and optimisation, marketing innovation, and unstructured data analytics in business. I apply advanced machine learning techniques in developing marketing models to gain better customer insights and improve business practices in the data-rich environment.

I’m a member of the Marketing subject group at Cambridge Judge Business School, which focuses on strategy, modelling, and consumer behaviour.

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Shasha Lu.

In the rapidly expanding world of AI, ChatGPT, Big Data and social media influence, bringing the world of business and technology together and understanding the science of marketing nuances behind them, is key to learning and understanding the future as it unfolds in front of us, whilst embracing innovation along the way.

World map made of matches waiting for a spark.

Climate change will be one of the key factors in global healthcare trends over the next 50 years as people are forced from their homes and deal with extreme heat, says new study co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School.

People in a circle using their mobile phones.

Marketers are not adequately tapping audio and visual (AV) data posted on TikTok, Facebook and other platforms that can be more revealing than reviews or ratings, says a new study co-authored by Shasha Lu of Cambridge Judge Business School.

Media coverage | 18 March 2016

‘Artificial empathy’ could help stores improve recommendations for customers

Visual data will change the way businesses talk to customers, says Dr Shasha Lu, University Lecturer in Marketing at Cambridge Judge Business School. “It’s about gaining better customer insights to solve business problems and improve business practice,” she says.