Soniya Gupta-Rawal

PhD Candidate

BCom (Shri Ram College of Commerce), MCom (Delhi School of Economics), MPhil (University of Cambridge)

Year of entry: 2022

I’m a PhD student in Quantitative Marketing and a member of the Marketing group, advised by Professor Jaideep Prabhu and Professor Ahmed Khwaja. My interest lies in the empirical analysis of marketing problems at the intersection of business innovation, social impact, and marketing strategy.

Research topic

Up-skill to Up-scale: Micro-entrepreneur Mentor Matching in Emerging Markets

Research interests

Business innovation; emerging markets; marketing strategy; entrepreneurship; social impact; business sustainability.




Professor Jaideep Prabhu


Soniya’s current research focuses on bridging the gaps in mentoring platforms for micro-entrepreneurs in emerging markets by developing the algorithmic criteria for promoting mentorship programmes, market skill training, and policies for micro-entrepreneurs. She also investigates the fit between the mentors for market skill training and the micro-entrepreneurs by combining machine learning and Bayesian inference with econometric modelling.

Prior to starting her PhD, Soniya graduated with an MPhil in Strategy, Marketing and Operations at Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, as a Commonwealth Masters Scholar 2021 from India. She was awarded the prestigious Mitsubishi UFJ Foundation Scholarship during her Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree at Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi (2014-2017). Soniya earned her Master of Commerce from Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi (2017-2019).

Her experience as a researcher in emerging markets fuels her inspiration to contribute to the sustainable business ecosystem for nano entrepreneurs, small and medium-scale enterprises, and technology-based industries. Soniya has held positions as a Researcher at the Department of Strategic Marketing, MICA, India; Research Fellow at the Centre for Advanced Studies in Policy Research; and Research Consultant at Ernst & Young, Global Delivery Service, India. She has interned at Grant Thornton, EY India, Urban Company and Parliament of India.

She is constantly learning and developing a comprehensive understanding of the working of markets and individuals at the intersection of the market, social and academic spheres.

Publications and papers

Published research papers

Conference paper presentations

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