Tom Auld

Research Associate

Cambridge Centre for Finance / Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance

MA (University of Cambridge), MSc (Imperial College London), AdvDip, MPhil, PhD (University of Cambridge)

My research focuses on empirical finance. Recent research has explored the relationships between political (betting) and financial markets. I also have a developing research interest in applying factor models to the valuation of the universe of cryptocurrency assets.

Tom Auld.

Professional experience

Dr Tom Auld has a wealth of professional experience in financial markets and industry. In a former life, he was a High Frequency Trader (HFT), and ran trading groups in London and Singapore for what was then the world’s largest HFT firm; Getco. More recently he has acted as an expert witness in a dispute between 2 large hedge funds in the High Court and has been a Non-Executive Director for startups. During Tom’s time as a High Frequency Trader he designed and traded algorithms on every liquid equity platform in Europe and Asia and every major electronic derivatives market, often trading a significant percentage of the volume on each exchange.


Selected publications

Journal articles

Working papers

Awards and honours

  • Best Student Paper Award, Cambridge Finance, 2017-2018
  • Stevenson Prize for highest mark in the MPhil in Economic Research, University of Cambridge, 2017
  • Various prizes and awards including college year prize, Queens’ College, Cambridge, 1995-1997