PhD Candidate

BSc (University of Exeter), MSc (London School of Economics and Political Science), MRes (University of Cambridge)

Year of entry



Professor Andreas Richter


Organisational Behaviour

Louisa Fink.

Research topic

Investigations into Team Ambidexterity: Mapping the Trajectory of Team Innovation over Time


Louisa Fink is a PhD Candidate in the Organisational Behaviour group at the University of Cambridge.

Louisa explores the process by which teams achieve innovative outcomes. She works on the development of a prototypic model of ambidextrous innovation that allows teams and organisations to predict the trajectory of team innovation at different milestones of their project cycle. Louisa places a strong focus on producing actionable suggestions for companies on how these can excel in-house team innovation. She is fully supported in her research by the Cambridge Trust Scholarship and the Cambridge ESRC DTP stipend.

Louisa Fink holds a Master of Research [Dist.] from the University of Cambridge and a Master of Science in Organisational and Social Psychology [Dist.] from the London School of Economics. Louisa completed her undergraduate at the University of Exeter with a BSc in Psychology and Leadership [Dist.].

Research interests

Innovative team processes; integration of team-level explorative and exploitative performance; new product development.

Louisa Fink is a member of the Organisational Behaviour subject group.

Contact details

Louisa Fink
Cambridge Judge Business School
University of Cambridge
Trumpington Street
Cambridge CB2 1AG

[email protected]