PhD Candidate

BA (Zeppelin University), MPhil (University of Cambridge)

Year of entry



Professor Shahzad Ansari and Dr Thomas Roulet


Strategic Management

Rasmus Pichler.
Rasmus Pichler

Research topic

Corporate Wrongdoing, Top Management, and Social Control


Rasmus is a PhD candidate in the Strategy and International Business subject group at Cambridge Judge Business School. His research focuses on the phenomenon of corporate wrongdoing – company actions that violate norms and harm stakeholders. In particular, Rasmus studies how the interplay of top management and firm behaviour with corporate and societal governance mechanisms affects corporate wrongdoing.

Rasmus holds a BA in Sociology, Politics & Economics from Zeppelin University and an MPhil in Strategy, Marketing and Operations from the University of Cambridge. Before embarking on his PhD, Rasmus worked in the corporate social responsibility department of a global automotive supplier and as a management consultant for clients in the technology, mobility and financial services sectors.

Research interests

Corporate wrongdoing; social evaluations; upper echelons theory; theory of the firm.

Rasmus Pichler is a member of the Strategy and International Business subject group.

Publications and papers

Pichler, R., Roulet, T. and Paolella, L. (2023) “A bailout for the outlaws: interactions between social control agents and the perception of organizational misconduct.” Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 84: 31-50 (DOI: 10.1108/S0733-558X20230000084002)

Roulet, T.J. and Pichler, R. (2020) “Blame game theory: scapegoating, whistleblowing and discursive struggles following accusations of organizational misconduct.” Organization Theory (DOI: 10.1177/2631787720975192) (published online Nov 2020)

Contact details

Rasmus Pichler
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University of Cambridge
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