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Entrepreneurship and the Cambridge MBA

An MBA students smiles while listening to a fellow classmate as they walk along outside

An MBA from Cambridge Judge Business School offers aspiring entrepreneurs a great platform for idea generation, development and venture launch.

The MBA offers: 

  • a broad management qualification, giving you the skills to understand the full range of business disciplines and operation
  • entrepreneurship courses, covering business planning, innovation management and funding
  • practical team projects to hone your team leadership skills and client interactions
  • access to a wide network of successful entrepreneurs operating in Cambridge and the Silicon Fen
  • access to the Entrepreneurship Centre which encompasses the full entrepreneurial journey.

The MBA Entrepreneurship Concentration

The MBA Entrepreneurship Concentration enables you to try out your own ideas, learn what it is like to build a management team that will grow your business and also explore the range of funding mechanisms to provide the finance that most new businesses need.

Explore the Concentration

Exposure to the Cambridge Cluster

Find out how the Cambridge MBA exposes aspiring entrepreneurs to the vast network that is the Cambridge Cluster.

More on the Cambridge Cluster

The School’s Entrepreneurship Centre

The Entrepreneurship Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School aims to inspire, enable and research entrepreneurship.

The Centre encompasses the full entrepreneurial journey – starting with the empowerment of aspiring entrepreneurs through to the creation and development of early-stage ventures, all the way to small and medium size enterprise growth.

The Entrepreneurship Centre also supports the University of Cambridge’s entrepreneurial talent development through the provision of programmes such as:

Learn more about the Entrepreneurship Centre

MBA entrepreneurship stories

Read more about success stories, start ups and other articles on entrepreneurship and the Cambridge MBA.

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