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The research undertaken by the Entrepreneurship Centre is a core part of achieving our mission to support the University of Cambridge’s entrepreneurial talent development and commercialisation of new ideas; and develop and share thought-leadership that establishes the University of Cambridge as a global knowledge locus for entrepreneurship.

High-impact research is being undertaken within the unconventional ‘laboratory’ that is the Centre enabling the study of entrepreneurship while it happens, growth as it emerges, to develop global knowledge. The start-up companies participating in our Accelerate Cambridge programme as well as the small to medium enterprise companies participating in the SME Growth Challenge present unique opportunities for studying different phases of entrepreneurial evolution and decision-making.

Activity at the Centre encompasses the full entrepreneurial journey – starting with the empowerment of aspiring entrepreneurs through to the creation and development of early-stage ventures, all the way to small and medium size enterprise growth. Given this remit, research at the Centre focuses on three core themes: awareness raising; value creation and industry engagement; and SME scale-up.

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