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What is the duration of the programme?
The MRes in Management Studies is a full-time, nine-month masters programme.

When does the programme start?
The programme starts at the beginning of October.

Can I work part-time while I am enrolled on the programme?
As the MRes is a full-time programme the University does not permit you to undertake any employment whilst studying for the degree. Visit the Cambridge Students website to find out more.

Can I visit Cambridge Judge Business School/talk to faculty or someone from Admissions in person?
Unfortunately, due to the large number of applications we receive, it is not possible for prospective applicants to meet faculty or admissions staff. They will, however, be able to answer any queries you have via the online query form

Do you hold "open days" for the MRes in Management Studies programme?
The University's Postgraduate Open Day is on 2 November 2018. CJBS also hosts "Experience Days" throughout the year. Please see our "School-wide events" webpage to view upcoming experience days.

When can I apply for the 2019/20 programme?
Applications for 2019 entry will be open from 3 September 2018. You may apply when the appropriate application forms are available on the Graduate Admissions website.

What's the deadline for applications?
The closing date for applications is 3 December 2018. The application form and all supporting documents (except English language scores) must be submitted by this date.

I am not sure whether to apply for a research MPhil or the MRes - what should I do?
The MRes programme is intended for students with prior research experience at masters level in a subject relevant for management research or research relevant work experience. If you do not meet the academic requirements for the MRes you should apply to one of our research MPhil programmes

Please do not apply to both MRes and MPhil. We will review your MRes application. If your application is more suited to a research MPhil programme we will let you know and we will transfer the application online.

Can I apply directly to the PhD programme?
All applicants should apply to the MRes or a research MPhil in the first instance. If your application is considered so exceptional that direct entry to the PhD is possible, then your application will be transferred to a PhD application online.

What are the requirements for entry into the programme?
View our entry requirements for the MRes in Management Studies

Normally an offer of admission to the MRes will be conditional upon you achieving a particular grade in your current masters degree or providing independent evidence that you were in the top five per cent of your year.

The MRes in Management Studies is a full-time programme and requires the completion of any current training or education programme or release from your current institution for the duration of your study.

Does an MBA degree meet the requirement of a previous masters degree?
No, not on its own. Applicants with an MBA, Master of Finance or other professional practice masters are required to have a further masters degree with a research component.

I am not sure whether my academic qualifications make me eligible. What should I do?
Please look carefully at the University's information on equivalence of undergraduate degrees. Type in the name of your country and view what is considered to be the equivalent of a First for that country. If you are still uncertain, please use our online enquiry form

Do you require work experience?
Work experience is not a requirement, although work experience relevant to your research interests is highly appreciated. We normally expect no more than five years of work experience.

Do I need to contact members of Cambridge Judge faculty before I apply?
Before applying, you may wish to look at our faculty research webpages to determine whether your research interests fit those of the School. Faculty who supervise PhDs are listed on the PhD pathway webpages. There is no need to contact members of our faculty before you apply. Your application will be reviewed to determine which Cambridge Judge faculty are the best fit. You will then be put in contact with faculty member(s) to discuss the development of your research proposal.

Do I need to nominate a supervisor on the application form?
There is no need to nominate a supervisor on the application form.

Do you require a GRE/GMAT score as part of the application process?
No, a GRE/GMAT score is not required.

Do you require a research proposal for admission?
Yes; after applying, if you are shortlisted, you will be asked to write and submit a research proposal of up to 2,000 words. This must be emailed to the PhD Admissions Secretary by 3 January 2019.

Is there an application fee?
There is an application charge of £60. Visit the Graduate Admissions' Application Fee webpage to learn more.

Can I send my application materials directly to Cambridge Judge Business School?
Applications are sent to the central University via post or via their online system. Visit the Completing & Submitting Your Application webpage for full details on how to apply

When will I hear if my application has been successful?
You can expect to hear within two or three weeks of applying whether you have been shortlisted for interview. After the interviews we expect to accept or decline applicants at the start of February.

Do I need to come to Cambridge for an interview?
No, interviews can be conducted via video-conferencing or Skype.

Which College am I likely to join?
When completing your application form we strongly recommend that you specify two Colleges by whom you would like to be considered for membership if you are offered a place on the MRes in Management Studies programme. Visit the Graduate Admissions website for advice on choosing a college.

If you leave this section of the form blank or the Colleges you choose are not be able to offer you admission, a computerised process will automatically circulate your application to other Colleges. Graduate Admissions will ensure that you receive an offer of a place from a College once you have a conditional offer to study the MRes in Management Studies. Visit the Graduate Admissions website for more details of the process.

Do I have to take an English language proficiency test?
Fluency in English is a prerequisite for our programmes. If your first language is not English you should take a language proficiency test to show you have the necessary command of the language to get the most out of the programme. You do not need to take the test before you apply, but, if you are made an offer and have not already met our English language requirements, one of the conditions of admission will be that you pass a test at the correct level. You must have achieved the minimum requirements no more than two years before the start of your programme. Visit the Graduate Admissions' International Student webpages for more details.

Do I need a visa to study at Cambridge?
Please consult the Graduate Admissions' Immigration webpage for the most up-to-date information on visa requirements. The following websites provide information on whether you will require a visa to study in the UK. These sites include information on how to obtain a visa, and the paperwork you are required to submit. Also included is the location of your nearest British Embassy or Consulate:

  • UK Visas & Immigration is the website of the Home Office department that administers visas.
  • UKCISA is a website designed especially for overseas students who wish to study in the UK.

What is the cost of the MRes in Management Studies programme?
Visit the Graduate Admissions website for details of the programme fees.

Are the fees different for overseas students?
Yes. Please visit the Graduate Admissions website for details.

What scholarships do you offer?
There are a number of scholarships available to MRes in Management Studies, ranging from University of Cambridge and College scholarships, to corporate research funding. 100 per cent of students who enter the PhD through the MRes receive full funding for the MRes year. Visit our MRes Funding webpage to find out more