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Vaska Atta-Darkua

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Vaska Attadarkua.

PhD Candidate

MPhil (University of Cambridge)

Research topic

Topics in Responsible Investing


Vaska Atta-Darkua is a doctoral student at the Finance Group at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. She does research on responsible investing topics such as ethical exclusions and impact investing.

Research interests

Responsible investing; ethical investing; ethical exclusions; sector exclusions; impact investing; green bonds; ethical behaviour; institutional investors; sovereign wealth funds; corporate social responsibility; environmental, social and governance issues.

Vaska Atta-Darkua is a member of the Finance subject group.

Publications & papers

Journal articles

Atta-Darkua, V., Chambers, D., Dimson, E., Ran, Z. and Yu, T. (2021) “Practical applications of strategies for responsible investing: emerging academic evidence.” Practical Applications, 8(4): 1-8 (DOI: 10.3905/pa.8.4.421)

Atta-Darkua, V., Chambers, D., Dimson, E., Ran, Z. and Yu, T. (2020) “Strategies for responsible investing: emerging academic evidence.” Journal of Portfolio Management (DOI: 10.3905/jpm.2020.46.3.026)

Book chapters

Atta-Darkua, V. and Dimson, E. (2018) “Diversifisering på tvers av industrisektorer [Sector exclusion].” In: Thøgersen, Ø. (ed.) Energiaksjer i Statens pensjonsfond utland [Energy shares in the Government Pension Fund Global]. Oslo: Norwegian Ministry of Finance, pp.117-134.

Atta-Darkua, V. and Barnard, A. (2010) “Distributional effects of direct taxes and social transfers (cash benefits).” In: Atkinson. A.B. and Marlier, E. (eds.) Income and living conditions in Europe (Eurostat statistical books). Luxembourg: European Union Publications Office, pp.345-367.

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Contact details

Vaska Atta-Darkua
Cambridge Judge Business School
University of Cambridge
Trumpington Street
Cambridge CB2 1AG

[email protected]

Year of entry



Professor Elroy Dimson