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CJBS PhD students walking through the gates of the School

At Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS) you will engage in research that really matters for business and society. Our faculty and PhD students see research as a means to create impact beyond a group of peer academics and scholars; we embed our research work in deep engagements with organisations that wrestle with complex and important practical issues. Our success is evidenced by our leading performance in the impact category in the latest UK research evaluation, and by the regular placement of papers in leading academic journals by PhDs and their faculty co-authors.

During your PhD, you will break down major questions into manageable research projects. You will rigorously tackle these projects by drawing on theory and methods in the tradition of your chosen business school discipline. You will work in close collaboration with faculty and, importantly, in contact with senior practitioners and organisations facing the challenges you wish to inform.

A PhD at CJBS leverages the School’s unique position in one of the world’s greatest universities – a university that is home to more Nobel laureate affiliates than any other – as well as its convenient proximity to the City of London and location at the centre of the European high-tech and entrepreneurship hub, with one of the largest academic health sciences centres in Europe. Together, these unique factors attract leaders from across industries and allow our faculty and students to forge the close-knit networks of corporate and academic partners that are the basis for high-impact work.

During your PhD years, you have the opportunity to pursue your educational and research interests unencumbered by other responsibilities. We want you to work hard and capitalise on the talents and expertise of your teachers and fellow students. But Cambridge is about so much more than study: we believe in the value of diversity and the opportunity to learn from other perspectives and cultures, and at Cambridge you will build a lifelong network of friends who come from a wide range of cultures and pursue diverse interests and ambitions.

When I started my PhD at Cambridge Judge Business School I knew I was embarking on a challenging programme that would equip me with the resources to do original research. What I did not realise was the extent to which I was going to be a part of a vibrant and intellectually stimulating community.
Dr Nicos Savva, Associate Professor of Management Science & Operations, London Business School

Learn what it’s like to study for a PhD degree in our beautiful and historic city, and why it’s a perfect location to earn your doctorate.

PhD student life in Cambridge