Research masters

Cambridge Judge Business School offers 4 research masters programmes, each an integral part of a route to the PhD. Each masters programme covers essential pathway coursework.

  • The 3 MPhil programmes are for students without a prior research masters degree. Which MPhil you take will depend on your research interests and background.
  • The Master of Research (MRes) programme is the foundation year of the PhD for students who have a masters degree which provides a strong grounding for research in a subject relevant for management research, and with evidence that they have the calibre and prior training to undertake a research-focused degree.

Our research masters

  • Prepares students for a PhD in Management Studies (Finance) or a research career in finance.
  • Prepares students for a PhD in Management Studies
  • Emphasis on qualitative research methodology (involving fieldwork in which the researcher observes and analyses behaviours in organisations)
  • Prepares students with prior degree-level quantitative training for a PhD in Management Studies
  • Emphasis on quantitative research methodology (involving the design and analysis of laboratory experiments, the statistical analysis of natural experiments or large archival datasets, or the game-theoretic modelling of managerial decision processes)
  • Offers a tailored suite of courses for students who already have significant research training at masters level relevant to their chosen PhD pathways
  • Is intended for students who wish to pursue a PhD at Cambridge Judge Business School.

A Cambridge MPhil in Economic Research can sometimes be a route to the PhD in Business Economics or Finance for those with exceptionally suitable research interests.