What Cambridge MBAs learn

What Cambridge MBAs learn

What makes the Cambridge MBA learning experience unique?

Through a combination of our selective admissions policies, our unique learning environment, and our carefully crafted curriculum, we shape our MBA graduates to become some of the best in the world.

The 12 month Cambridge MBA is a general management qualification, covering the broad range of business and management disciplines. It is academically rigorous and has its own distinct learning style, encouraging discussion and lively debate.

We bring together a dynamic class of more than 40 nationalities from a wide range of sectors. Our class size is optimised to allow maximum interaction with peers and faculty during classes.

Our focus on practical learning and team projects with real clients allows students to hone their interpersonal skills, their ability to deliver results under pressure, and to excel in a range of professional settings.

Our students have the option to undertake specialist ‘Concentrations’ during the year, allowing a ‘deep dive’ into one of eight themes.

The Cambridge MBA gives in-depth attention to the development of interpersonal skills, enabling graduates to become skilled in collaborative working, with cultural sensitivity and an appreciation of team dynamics.

All Cambridge MBAs are a member of one of the 31 University of Cambridge colleges during their studies, giving them opportunities to broaden their thinking and networks, and understand the macro global context of business.