RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are a way of receiving news and other information as it’s published, helping you keep up-to-date with what’s going on at Cambridge Judge Business School. Rather than having to trawl the web each day looking for news and updates, it will be delivered to your desktop.

Cambridge Judge Business School’s RSS feeds

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Subscribing to a Cambridge Judge Business School RSS feed

  • Right-click on the feed link you want to subscribe to (select from the options above)
  • Copy the link (in Chrome choose “copy link address”, in Microsoft Edge choose “copy link”, in Firefox choose “copy link location”)
  • Add it to your RSS reader

Subscribing to an RSS feed for the first time?

To subscribe to an RSS news feed you will need to use a piece of software called an RSS reader (also known as a feed aggregator or news reader), which scans the feeds and displays any new articles.

Visit Wikipedia for a list of RSS readers.

Once you’ve set up your RSS reader, find its specific instructions for subscribing to a feed. This usually involves copying the feed’s URL and pasting it into the RSS reader.