AICAP Services


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At AICAP Services, we are experts in HEOR with a focus on SLRs and evidence synthesis primarily in the life sciences and pharma space. We specialise in intelligence for exploring new areas of commercial and scientific interest but are also equipped to undertake full-scale systematic literature reviews for formal Health Technology Assessment submissions.

We have a proof-of-concept product to automate screening, classification and visualisation of thousands of scientific publication abstracts for evidence synthesis that we have applied for a customer in two projects, one for understanding the landscape of antibiotics, microbiome and diet and the other to gather competitive intelligence on a large pharmaceutical company for business development purposes. We have formed a limited company and have minor revenue from the one client who we are providing our AI offering to as an end-to-end service (from idea through search strategy to synthesised report).

Founding team

Outi Ahdesmäki

Outi Ahdesmäki has over 10 years of consulting experience in HEOR, systematic literature reviews (SLRs) and evidence synthesis. Outi consulted previously at RTI Health Solutions and other health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) organisations, delivering value to healthcare and pharma clients. Outi has been a full member of Cochrane Collaboration since February 2020. Outi is currently enrolled at the Judge Business School in the EMBA programme and due to graduate in 2025.

Miika Ahdesmäki

Miika Ahdesmäki is an experienced data science leader with 15 years of pharmaceutical industry experience leading teams and applying machine learning & AI to solve complex challenges. Miika has a PhD in Computer Science and an Executive MBA from University of Cambridge Judge Business School.