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Animorph Digital Worker Co-op graduated from Cambridge Social Ventures in September 2019.


Animorph is immersive media workers’ co-operative specialising in augmented and virtual reality. They collaboratively conceive, develop and deploy applications for both smartphone-based and standalone wearables. They have been trailblazing the emerging mediums with companies and institutions such as Southbank Centre, Halo Post, Open University as well as engaging in independent, community-driven projects.

Animorph has been developing cutting-edge prototypes addressing mental conditions and sensory deficiencies. Their research is rooted in neuroscience and aims to develop multifunctional ecosystems for the next computing platform.


The core is people. Animorph collaboratively conceive and develop applications and experiences. The directors have an interest in practising business in an ethically sound and humane manner.

The founders have distinct individual specialities collectively working in a developing field.

Szczepan Orlowski is a mixed reality developer, experienced in journalism, theatre, film and game development.
Geoffrey Morgan is a producer and entrepreneur, experienced in the film and advertising industries.
Natalia Wojtowicz is a mechanical engineer, experienced in developing sustainable services for buildings.
Michal Kuligowski is a sound designer, experienced in film, live events and games.
Nathalie Bradley-Schmieg holds a PhD in neuroscience with experience in applied sciences, data analysis, and science project management and funding.


Animorph is a business venture but equally a vehicle for social good. They share the belief that immersive technology will have a profound impact on humanity and they dedicate their efforts to positively influencing this trajectory.

The field is largely dominated by corporate giants that do not necessarily prioritise social values. This gives them all the more conviction to ensure sustainable, meaningful and emotionally beneficial development of the emerging mediums.

They partner with research institutions to solve long-standing medical challenges that could not have been solved with the previously available technology. They want to tap into hidden human potential, minimise cumbersome interactions with the technology in our everyday lives and expose us to what is truly important.

Lead entrepreneurs
Szczepan Orlowski, Geoffrey Morgan and team

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Animorph is looking forward to connecting with more people and entities with immediate as well as long-term challenges, who want to carve innovative paths into the future. Animorph is also eager to meet other visionaries, researchers trying to solve intricate problems, developers and engineers curious of reinventing their practices.
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