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AptaCam is a University of Cambridge spin-off company dedicated to being a leading supplier of high quality oligonucleotides. The core of our business is the world’s largest and most comprehensive oligonucleotides database, data-sharing and e-commerce platform.

Oligonucleotides are short, single-stranded DNA, RNA or XNA molecules that can be developed with high affinity and specificity to any desirable targets. They have been widely used in facilitating discoveries in basic research, ensuring food safety, monitoring the environment, and they also play promising roles as clinical diagnostics and therapeutic agents.

Team members at AptaCam are active scientists with passion for entrepreneurship in the biotechnology industry. Comprised of leading academics, our advisory board convenes distinguished professionals united by their passion for utilizing oligonucleotides as diagnostics and therapeutics.

AptaCam sets out to be a world leader in oligonucleotides production, design, and applications.