Pre-Accelerate Cambridge


Food industry

Fermenting at home is not very accessible.  Results are unreliable, setups are complex and messy, and there is a steep learning curve to creating something delicious! We are catalysing a market in home fermentation with the world’s first smart fermenter.

Founding team

Rebecca Wray

Rebecca is an Engineer and Connected Devices Expert. As a senior director within the Pharma industry, she brings together engineering depth with a keen understanding of business dynamics, focusing on creating innovative, user-first solutions. Her background in engineering and human factors will help drive the strategic development of Aydon as a business, emphasising user-centric design and market adaptability.

Joe Hughes

Joe is a seasoned Biotech & Pharma project leader with a passion for using technology to enhance traditional processes. He excels at data-driven optimisation, building high-performing teams, and integrating software, sensors, and product design. Joe is leveraging his expertise to drive the development of our revolutionary smart fermenter and bring a user-focused, innovative product to market.