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BeeBee & Leaf (formerly BeeBee Wraps) creates natural and reusable waxed food wraps in a range of contemporary designs using both beeswax and vegan waxes. Their growing range of plastic alternatives will help you to create a habit of sustainable consumption with no hassle.

For years cling film and freezer bags were the go to for food storage yet causing untold environmental damage once discarded after only one use. Together, we have saved over 23 million pieces of polluting plastic hitting the natural world.


Founder, Kath Austin, formerly a successful charity fundraiser, has a lifelong passion for positive social and environmental impact.

With a young family Kath started a sideline project looking at ways to address the horrifying amount of single-use plastics the family was getting through. After 18 months of development the BeeBee beeswax food wrap went into production.

Kath also has an insatiable appetite for good food, a passion which informed the development of BeeBee & Leaf Wraps. Kath believes food should be fresh, as local as possible and uncomplicated. Her food heroes include Yotam Ottolenghi and Anna Jones whose cookbooks sit proudly kitchen countertop, albeit dog-eared and food splattered.

Kath likes to be outside, away from screens, probably up a tree, with her kids.


They believe that ‘eco-products’ should be as beautiful as any other and well made, robust solutions aimed at not only the ardent ‘eco-warrior’ but also the discerning food lover.

Whilst cutting down on plastic, they also extend the life of food and preserve in a more natural, breathable way.

The best way to remember why they’re so good are the three Bs of BeeBee:

Back to nature product – returns to earth leaving no trace.
Better than plastic – keeps food fresher than plastic.
Beautiful not boring – we don’t think the eco-alternative should be a compromise.
Sustainability and positive impact is crucial to them. They pledge to always use the most planet friendly fabric they can, right now that is GOTS-certified organic cotton, and all their beeswax is British.

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Kath is interested in connecting with businesses, bloggers and influencers who have access to an audience warm to new ideas. BeeBee & Leaf is also keen to discuss offers of production space in and around Cambridge, and those interested in joining the production team.

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