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Blossom delivers online education to expectant and new parents. Their aim is to ensure that all parents are able to access impartial, evidence-based education that increases confidence and enables them to have a positive start to their parenting journey.

Classes are real-time, flexible and affordable and always offer the opportunity for parents to have their questions answered.

Their outcome data shows that their offering promotes good mental health and wellbeing, reduces isolation and loneliness and supports the parent-infant child relationship which plays a vital role in secure attachment with all the benefits that brings.

Blossom’s vision is to bring about systemic change so that all new parents feel supported and are able to access the help they need.


  • Clare Castell is a qualified antenatal teacher (NCT) and worked in the NHS on the Infant Feeding Team at Chelsea and Westminster. Clare’s passion for education and support for early parenting comes from her experience working in this field over the past fifteen years.
  • Siobhan Siddy worked in operations in the finance sector and has managed a small family business. Her passion for the work comes from her experience raising her own children and the difficulties she faced accessing support.
  • Anne Anderton an IT professional with twenty years’ experience working in a fast-paced deadline-driven environment. With a background in web technologies Anne has taken full responsibility for choosing the current infrastructure and adapting it to fit the Blossom brief. Anne manages the day-to-day IT support.
  • Olivia Vandyk worked at Mumsnet supporting their communities online for eleven years. She has over two decades’ experience specialising in communications, copy and event planning. Olivia hosts Blossom events and can be found interviewing guests on the Blossom Instagram platform.


Blossom’s mission is to reduce isolation, improve mental health outcomes and facilitate positive parent-infant relationships through their bespoke educational offering. Parents who feel supported and are able to access education in a non-judgemental environment are better equipped to build nurturing relationships with their babies. At the heart of the work is a promotion of secure attachment and all the benefits that brings to the child, family and society as a whole. Building a happier, healthier and more nurturing world benefits all of humanity and this is Blossom’s ultimate goal.

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Clare Castell

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Blossom is interested in connecting with any governmental or non-governmental organisations working with young families especially if they can offer funding or physical space. Blossom would like to hear from partners who can offer marketing expertise and assistance with business development and strategy.

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