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Cambridge Academic Performance graduated from Cambridge Social Ventures in July 2015.

Cambridge Academic Performance offers a fusion of practical academic support and personal development techniques for students.

We recognise that academic life is increasingly challenging and that students face enormous demands, both personally and educationally. We help students to manage stress, improve academic performance and develop their confidence. We recognise that students are required to adapt to change at speed within an increasingly competitive environment and we aim to provide them with life long skills to help them succeed within demanding environments.

Many students avoid accessing help and support due to the stigma associated with mental health and wellbeing support. We focus on practical techniques for success and use a coaching model to make our work accessible to many more students by avoiding the stigma of mental health and wellbeing support. All our coaches are trained Occupational Therapists which allows us to offer a clinically based level of support if this is in fact needed. However, we align the work that we do with the type of leadership mentoring available within business, offering a fusion of personal and professional development techniques.

We also offer teacher and parent training sessions on mental health support and improving student performance through the practical strategies that we employ.

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