Cambridge Biolabs


Accelerate alumni



Cambridge Biolabs are a biotech-meets-tech company developing personalised skincare solutions consisting of digital skin diagnosis followed by bespoke cosmetic formulation to meet the unique needs of unique people. The idea stems from the observation that millions of people all around the world use ineffective or unsuitable cosmetics every day because the off-the-shelf products currently available on the market do not correspond to the complex set of individual needs. This leads to inadvertent negligence and wrong choices due to lack of optimal solution.

To overcome this we propose Personal Cosmetic System capable of creating more possible personalised formulations than people on Earth. After individual skin diagnosis aided by advanced software and hardware the optimal formula is worked out and created uniquely for the person in question. Our formulations are designed to deliver. Each personalised formula boasts 20 to 40 targeted active ingredients thus providing unprecedented level of skin health benefits as compared to the 2 to 3 random active ingredients present in most cosmetics currently available on the market.

Thanks to its uniqueness Personal Cosmetic System makes sure that nobody neglects some of his or her skin needs because of lack of choice and knowledge. It also ensures that, based on individual tolerance, unwanted substances be avoided and optimal results achieved.