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Cambridge Hub graduated from Cambridge Social Ventures in November 2015.

Cambridge Hub is transforming students’ involvement with social and environmental challenges in Cambridge and around the world. On a mission to remove the town/gown divide in the city, Cambridge Hub’s vision is of a time when University of Cambridge students are fully embedded into the wider community, with every single student engaging in social and environmental issues during their time in the city.

We believe that students have the power and potential to shape a better world. We know that students involved in Cambridge Hub continue to make a positive difference after leaving the university. We look forward to helping Cambridge Hub and its alumni achieve even more.

Cambridge Hub (established in 2008) is not the first Student Hub in the UK, but the second of nine. The first, Oxford Hub, was founded in 2007 by a group of students who felt the need for better coordination between student charitable groups. The vision was of a network that would connect students working across different causes so they could share insight, knowledge, and experience, thereby making all groups more effective.

The immense success of the Oxford and Cambridge Hubs led to the creation of Student Hubs, a national charity.

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