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CAP Certified graduated from Cambridge Social Ventures in September 2020.


CAP’s mission is to allow children to enjoy and reap the benefits of social networking, playing games, sharing and consuming content by protecting them from online groomers, sexual predators, impostors, scammers and cyberbullies.

CAP Certified are developing a community-led Child Authentication and Protection platform that protects children’s digital accounts, empowers parents to have a say in their children’s digital safety and enables digital platforms such as social media, multiplayer games, and browsers to create a safer environment for children under 16.

CAP also plans to engage in research that enables them to reinforce the protection their platform offers and develop an early identification and intervention system to empower Law Enforcement agencies to combat child grooming and exploitation.


Two technology entrepreneurs founded CAP in January 2019 to solve a problem they faced as fathers of young children. They were genuinely concerned about their children’s safety on digital platforms.

  • CAP CEO, Shemal Rajapakse holds a computer science degree and has over twelve years of product and project management experience in the e-commerce industry. Shemal heads operations and provides product vision.
  • CAP CTO, Isuru Rajakaruna, heads the product development and contributes to the project with is expertise in cloud technologies, signal processing, and machine learning. He also manages a team consisting of a part-time full-stack developer, and a UI/UX designer. Isuru holds an engineering degree in electronics and telecommunications.
  • CAP currently has two advisors; Simon Jones, a postgraduate of the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Cambridge, provides business advice. Alan Platt, an IET Fellow, also a postgraduate of the University of Cambridge, provides cyber security expertise.


CAP Certified is seeking to disrupt the online safety technology market by offering a community-led solution with school-aged children at its heart. Instead of age-gating CAP believes that identifying children as real children is the key to protecting them online.

According to the NSPCC, one in eight children have come across something upsetting online, one in four have been bullied online, and the Police have recorded 5,161 child online abuse cases in 18 months since April 2017. In April 2020, the National Crime Agency (NCA) revealed that there are at least 300,000 people in the UK who pose a threat to children online.

CAP has made it their mission to help enable digital platforms to create a safer environment for children within their platforms, so children are protected from these predators. They have pledged to share 20% of the pre-tax revenue generated from the parents with the schools taking part in their initiative.

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Shemal Rajapakse

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CAP is currently looking for a talented, like-minded individual who has a proven track record in business development to join the founding team.

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