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Capikooa (formerly Young & Learning) graduated from Cambridge Social Ventures in March 2021.


Capikooa focuses on creating long-lasting wooden toys, with a low environmental footprint all the way from design and material sourcing to manufacturing and packaging. Capikooa aims to support children’s development, through simple toys that excite their imagination, promote their creativity and encourage their physical movement.

Capikooa is an award-winning, toy maker based in Cambridge, UK.


Capikooa was founded in 2017 by life and business partners; Warren and Maria, just before their second child was born.

Warren and Maria have a heightened awareness of environmental issues and have made significant efforts to make smart choices in their home life to reduce their waste. Since becoming parents, they became increasingly aware of the amount of plastic used in children’s toys and the subsequent contribution to plastic waste and they were determined to make a difference.

Maria discovered a real passion for child development since having their first child, and through this has gained understanding of the importance of learning through play, encouraging children’s imaginations and movement in the early years.

The couple decided to combine their passion for child development with their ambition to reduce plastic waste, to form Capikooa – an eco-friendly toy company, making sustainable open-ended toys which encourage imagination, creativity and movement.


Capikooa’s missions are:

to support child development and create endless opportunities to learn and grow through play
to protect our planet (reducing waste in toys) and make the world a better place, for us and for future generations.
Lead entrepreneur
Warren and Maria

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Capikooa is looking for creative and open-minded partners for collaborations, retail opportunities, and research that shares the same values and passion as they do.

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