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Clobber & Sprout is an online, vintage clothing, personal styling platform. Customers fill out a style survey and receive a box of five to ten pieces of specially selected, everyday vintage clothing in the post to try on for seven to 30 days. At the end of this period, customers can buy anything they want to keep at discounted prices compared to high-street vintage stores.

Customers can either choose styles for one-off boxes or monthly box subscriptions. Delivery is free and try-on boxes include credit towards anything the customers wish to purchase. Clobber & Sprout hand-picks only ‘Grade A’ clothing from the UK’s major wholesalers, ensuring that customers receive only top-quality pieces in the styles and from the eras that they love. The company will be launching ‘event boxes’, for example for festivals, and a remote styling platform in 2021.


Clobber & Sprout was founded by Alice Brown and Sam Hayward. Alice and Sam have been running a vintage market stall and office pop-up for three years, with partners such as WeWork and Savills. Ben Hayward has sales experience in adtech and fintech, plus in digital marketing for startups and corporations like O2 and L’Oréal.


Fast fashion is fuelling an environmental disaster. Clobber & Sprout believes the solution to this problem lies in clothing reuse and rental. Fashion is, at a conservative estimate, the sixth biggest polluting industry in the world. Five thousand gallons of water are needed to make one pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Of the 100 billion pieces of clothing produced each year, each is worn just a handful of times, and most end up in landfill. Clobber & Sprout aims to reshape customers’ relationships with fashion and how it is consumed.

For the hugely increasing number of consumers who want to make more sustainable fashion choices, vintage clothing should be the perfect alternative. However, consumers currently face two key problems; buying vintage clothing is too complicated and too expensive. Clobber & Sprout is dedicated to solving these issues and reducing the environmental impact of customers’ wardrobes via education, easier access, and expert styling.

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Sam & Alice

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Sam & Alice would love to hear from anyone with sustainable fashion experience, particularly in supply chain & logistics, sourcing and impact monitoring.

They are also keen to speak with investors interested in pre-seed funding and are currently working through SEIS application.

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