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Cogs is building education software for neurodiverse children. The software combines educational neuroscience, emotional psychology, and AI to build personalised learning journeys and feedback for each individual child.


Cogs was founded in August 2021 by Felix de Grey and Zareen Ali.

Zareen’s journey to founding Cogs began in 2017 when, alongside a job as a product manager for an AI medtech startup, she worked part-time teaching and mentoring neurodiverse children. Subsequently, she earned a Master’s degree in Education at Harvard specialising in educational neuroscience. She put her knowledge into practice back in the UK, working in a school providing teaching support for neurodiverse children, before founding Cogs.

Felix’s background is in consulting and social entrepreneurship. He has previously worked with organisations that provide inclusive services for refugees, homeless communities and disadvantaged young people. Prior to founding Cogs, he had been working as Strategy and Partnerships Lead for Fat Macy’s and Operations Lead for the Stay Youth Forum.


Cogs is on a mission to eliminate the educational attainment gap for neurodiverse learners. The effects of this are well-documented and make for shocking reading. In the UK, only 18% of neurodiverse children achieve Grade 5 (equivalent to Grade C) or above in GCSE Maths and English, compared to 58% of neurotypical children – an attainment gap of 40 percentage points. In the US, meanwhile, neurodiverse children may be up to 3 years behind in their learning compared to neurotypical children. Cogs exists to reduce this disparity.

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Felix de Grey and Zareen Ali

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Cogs is looking to partner with neurodiversity charities, schools that have large cohorts of SEND children and researchers in the field. They are also looking to get their app into the hands of children, by meeting parents of neurodiverse children, SENCos, educational psychologists and occupational therapists.

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