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The Danube Delta is an area of huge natural and cultural potential that is mismanaged and undervalued. Danube Delta Life (DDL) aims to change this by generate income through responsible tourism and reinvesting it in conservation and community development. They want locals to see that they can earn a good living in their home, while protecting it for the future.

Through their website, they connect local tourism operators with markets, assist with price setting and services, and reinvest a conservation levy in projects decided by the community. Profit comes from charging tourists; locals join the project for free.


Three friends co-founded Danube Delta Life.

Razvan is born and bred in the Delta. He is a local guide, running a local business together with his family and he is a graduate of the Naval Academy. One of his ardent wishes is to see his birthplace treated with respect both by the visitors and the local inhabitants.
Mihnea is a research fellow at the Free University of Brussels (VUB), Belgium. His passion for the Delta started through researching the area and understanding how local communities use and protect the natural resources of the area.
Alexandra worked as a manager in the nature conservation non-profit sector and stayed for extensive periods of time in the Delta. A graduate of political and conservation sciences, she believes that reinvesting the profits in social and environmental causes is one of the best solutions for safeguarding this place.


Danube Delta Life helps communities in the Danube Delta protect their environment and make a good living in their home.

Currently, the area is being depopulated because of little economic opportunity, and nature conservation is done haphazardly and badly. Through the profit DDL generates, they will build local capacity (language courses, marketing local products, increase quality of accommodation and guided tours), connect services to markets (website), while financing conservation projects (conservation levy).

They will advertise the fact that it is the community that is generating income for development. Locals can therefore regain the pride of place and younger generations can build a future Delta.

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Danube Delta Life is interested in partnerships with organisations or institutions that could help them develop the capacity building programme for members of the communities we work with in the Delta. They are particularly looking for assistance with nature guiding skills and small businesses management. They would like to collaborate with responsible travel companies from the UK, and volunteers who are willing to help us with communications or event organisations in the Danube Delta.


Tel: +44 (0)7879 378964