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Using a patent pending technology, we can link every droplet to its contents in real time using an optical readout technology; this has never been done before. The droplets now act like a miniaturised test tube, that we can process at a rate of thousands a second, a nd look at millions of enzyme variants in under an hour. Additionally, since each droplet is a million times smaller than a normal test tube, the cost per reaction is six orders of magnitude smaller. Meaning that our technology is not only much faster, but vastly cheaper than current methods.

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Founding team

Elliot Medcalf

Elliot finishes his PhD in April 2024 in the lab of Professor Florian Hollfelder, at the University of Cambridge, a leading droplet microfluidics and biocatalyst expert. Elliot developed the microbiological techniques to build up a library of millions of unique colour codes and has been optimising the technology throughout his PhD. He is the CEO and an expert in microfluidics, and biochemistry. He has previously worked in London as a consultant for the pharmaceutical industry.

Max Barysevich

Max is a final year PhD student in the lab of Clemens Kaminski, Head of Chemical Engineering at Cambridge, and world renowned for his expertise in fluorescence imaging technologies. Max is the CTO and is an expert in fluorescence microscopy, computer vision, and artificial intelligence.