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EmpathiX emotional intelligence technologies apply machine learning to capture emotions in speech, and help businesses to predict customers’ behaviours.

EmpathiX technologies analyse nonverbal expressions in speech, such as volume, pitch, intensity, tone, speed, and other trends; conduct sentiment analytics to validate the emotions and understand the context; and provide real-time feedback about customer emotions and report customer KPIs.

EmpathiX technologies enhance customer experience and transform call centres to profit centres by enabling the following unique value proposition:
– Real-time insight: predict customer satisfaction KPI (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS) and enable call centres to respond to customer in real-time
– Enhanced profitability: enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention, and identify opportunities to up/cross-sell existing customers throughout the call
– Optimised operations: provide simpler feedback mechanism, learn more about the root cause of customers’ issue, improve quality reviews, and provide efficient training
– Gamified customer service: make customer service more interesting and fun, provide empathic route calling that addresses call agents’ and customers’ social styles.