Ferment Foods


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Food industry

Ferment Foods Ltd. is a new start-up with a mission to provide people with delicious and healthy fermented food and beverage products. The company has been created by a husband-and-wife duo, where each of them brings a different set of skills and experience, from food science and technology to marketing and finance. We are local and independent, based in Cambridgeshire. We want to grow organically and always stay true to our values, which are: authentic, honest, natural and healthy. 

Our first brand is The Cambucha™- a high-quality kombucha positioned as a healthy alternative to alcoholic drinks for celebrations. We manufacture our kombucha using natural ingredients and an ancient fermentation process. There are no added flavours (we use whole fruits and spices), no colourings, no preservatives and no sweeteners. We also don’t pasteurize and don’t filter our product.