Accelerate alumni



FIAGNOSIS is developing a revolutionary continuous monitoring platform for cardiac biomarkers in taking the state of technology beyond point-of-care. Powered by the advances in nano-biosensing and artificial intelligence, the team aims to integrate the technology as a wearable patch for proactive diagnosis of life-threatening cardiac conditions. It multiplexes a number of metrics to wirelessly send life condition signals along to a cloud platform that processes in real-time using machine learning algorithms for accurate and fast detection of heart condition.

The platform decentralises the infrastructure needed for healthcare providers to monitor and diagnose high risk patients quickly and accurately at the bedside or in the field. With its small form factor, high sensitivity and real-time location tracking, the wearable patch and the platform have the potential to revolutionise the way heart attacks are diagnosed for fast and autonomous decision-making assistance to the healthcare professionals and enable the right choice of treatment in emergency situations, saving countless lives in the process.

FIAGNOSIS has a vision to democratise Future in Diagnosis by empowering accessibility in monitoring life-threatening conditions to individuals with complex lifestyles.