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Finding Roots is on a mission to uncover as many plant enthusiasts as possible. In sharing the joys of seasonality, Finding Roots delivers gardens to those without a garden! What’s more, Finding Roots works to contribute to the environment and local communities too. Ultimately, every subscription leads to more plants around us!

They show you how it is possible to have a garden – even in small outdoor spaces – by delivering beautifully planted containers, to your balcony, seasonally. As well as your very own container garden, each Finding Roots subscription will include guidance and information that will keep your plants looking fantastic, all from the comfort of your own home!

By sharing our plant knowledge and experiences, Finding Roots not only provides micro-gardens for those who don’t own a garden, but also promotes the meaningful and impactful experiences that plants provide sharing the connection to nature.


Lilidh Matthews is on a mission to inspire a love of plants in as many people as possible. She has worked in food production, fresh produce, viticulture, agriculture and horticulture in a range of roles. Her experiences have quite literally taken her from farm to fork; working for a tomato farm in Middlesbrough, market research in Malaysia, to the commercial horticulture team at Waitrose. It was ultimately her role as the Buyer of Vegetable & Herb Plants at Wyevale Garden Centres that allowed her to explore the benefits of gardening in small spaces and understand the love people have for plants with a purpose. All of her experiences have combined to set the seed for Finding Roots and she has set out on a mission to engage more people with plants and their benefits!


Finding Roots want a world where more people grow plants, making communities greener and more nature-conscious, but also leading to less pollution, lower urban temperatures, more flowers for the bees and the butterflies, and a population who values plants for the intrinsic benefits that they have on health and the environment.

By creating a community of plant-loving, knowledge sharing, seasonally-tuned and passionate urban gardeners, Finding Roots can continue to provide a product that not only advocates engagement with plants and nature, but also drives a passion for small space gardening and emphasises how valuable plants are in providing us with positive benefits, not only in mental health and wellbeing, but also through the vital role they play in our food systems and the environment.

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Lilidh Matthews

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Finding Roots welcomes collaboration opportunities for media coverage and strategy input from those with expertise in the field of online marketplaces, with specific interest in those with marketing and subscription experience. Lilidh is also interested to meet any brands with a shared passion who might like to collaborate or just learn more about Finding Roots.

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