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GAIR App graduated from Cambridge Social Ventures in September 2020.


GAIR is a health app allowing those who feel their own, or their loved ones’, gaming is problematic to receive guided help on their mobile phone.

GAIR helps overcome barriers to early treatment and recovery. The app will work on the established paradigm of app therapy. It will specialise in gaming disorder and provide cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) through mobile phones.

This app is likely to be used by loved ones or carers, first to understand the problem and influence gamers to put an end to unhealthy gaming. Users can download GAIR app and test themselves for the gaming disorder. Depending on the result, the user will be offered different solutions to help overcome addiction.

The app will teach users to recognise addictive behaviour and triggers, increase internet awareness, have a specialist and support group map and a gamified reward and motivational system.


GAIR is a small team: most of the work is done by the founder Tatiana Pavlova, who is a web designer.

Witnessing a case of problematic gaming in her family was the primary motivation for her final project for obtaining a masters degree in UX Design.

She became interested in raising awareness of the negative side of gaming after seeing how difficult it is for an addicted gamer to recognise that they have a problem and to overcome it.

Tatiana is supported by a team of professionals who also have experienced excessive gaming at some point in their lives.

Dr Halley Pontes, The International Gaming Research Unit, Nottingham Trent University, internet gaming disorder (IGD) specialist, IGD-20 test author and psychologist.
Mr Andrey Simonov – former highly engaged gamer, business analyst and project manager.
Mr Dmitry Gorbash – gamer and developer.


GAIR App’s aims are to:

help people with gaming disorder, and their loved ones, by providing a mobile-based treatment guide at affordable prices
inform individuals and families about the negative side of gaming by producing scientifically accurate content on social media channels, GAIR mobile app and Informational school workshops for active gamers and teachers
help create informed gaming, including but not exclusively by changing gaming industry responsibility
inspire and transform excessive gamers’ lives, including but not exclusively through the cognitive behavioural therapy exercises
collect data on gaming disorder for further scientific research.
Lead entrepreneur
Tatiana Pavlova

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Tatiana is interested in connecting with gaming addiction specialists working with gamers and their families. GAIR would like to hear from anyone in the gaming industry who is concerned with the negative side of gaming and seeks to add value and positive impact in the gaming community by helping them to build, test and promote GAIR App. They also welcome all opportunities for media coverage and speaking engagements.

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