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GenPol is a think tank consultancy researching matters of gender, advocating for gender equality and delivering research-based consulting and training services.

GenPol uses cutting-edge research findings to help clients, partners and stakeholders across different sectors understand the impact of gender upon their activities and find gender-aware solutions to their problems.

It also organises a wide range of events including conferences, workshops, training and mentoring days, and provides guidance on how to mainstream gender concerns and promote gender-sensitive policies.


GenPol’s international team share a keen interest in gender equality issues, have excellent interdisciplinary research skills, and experience in policy-making, the media world and campaigning. The international profile of the team also allows them to research, import and spread best practices across different countries.

  • Dr Lilia Giugni, GenPol’s CEO, is a political scientist
  • Francesca Di Nuzzo is a consultant for the cultural sector with a background in environmental economics and statistics
  • Chiara De Santis is a consultant on international public policy working within the EU bubble
  • Ellen Davis-Walker is a freelance writer and translator, currently completing a PhD in Sociology of Migration at the University of Edinburgh
  • Pauline Kiesow is about to complete a PhD in History at the University of Cambridge and is in charge of GenPol’s logistics and event planning


GenPol believes that gender relations are key to understanding the complexities of the modern world and producing meaningful social change. However, it is often challenging to incorporate gender concerns into economic, social and cultural activities in a sustainable and effective manner.

GenPol’s top-notch research programmes shed light on matters of migration, crime, violence, media, employment relations, environment, sexuality. Findings are communicated through multiple, clear and accessible outlets, which allow multiple stakeholders to re-consider their work through gender lenses.

GenPol’s high quality, customer-tailored consulting and training services turn these research findings into practical, innovative and effective solutions.

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GenPol is interested in connecting with any businesses, governmental and non-governmental organisations working on gender issues, women’s rights, sex and gender education, and the intersections between gender and migration, gender and organised crime, gender and equality in the work-place. They welcome media inquiries and speaking opportunities on these matters. (media enquiries)
Tel: +44 (0)7770 228 635